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by Lisa Mancuso | The Observer | August 28, 2008

They couldn’t be more different. She’s soft spoken and calm, he definitely moves at a more frenetic pace. She hones in on the details, while he likes to step back and look at the wider picture. Yet these two unlikely people who have become good friends discovered they share both a love of photography and a strong connection to the town in which they live and work. Now, Jennifer Lau and Ezel have joined together to create “One Town. Two Perspectives,” a photography show featuring their unique, yet similar views of Northport.

The month-long show will appear the Northport Tasting Room and Wine Cellar at 70 Main Street in Northport. Two special events are scheduled for Saturday, September 6 from 7 to 9 p.m. and Sunday, September 14, from 2 to 5 p.m. During both events, patrons will be able to view and purchase the photography of Ms. Lau and Ezel while enjoying wine tastings and flights at discounted prices.

The idea to do a photography show together came about when Ms. Lau was getting her hair styled by Ezel, the proprietor of ChiroSpa, a spa and chiropractic office in Northport. “He was cutting my hair, and we were talking and I mentioned how I’ve been taking photographs of Northport,” said Ms. Lau “He said he had been taking photographs around town, too, and he showed me his proof sheet and spoke about the camera he uses.”

After comparing each others photos, they soon realized they had both been taking similar shots of downtown Northport, such as the boats in the harbor or the lobster traps that sit by the shore. The interesting thing they noticed, though, was the very different perspectives of their photographs. Where Ms. Lau’s shots tended to get in tight and up close to her subjects, Ezel’s photograph’s had less detail and a much broader view. They almost immediately decided to do a photography show together, and held one at the upstairs space at ChiroSpa. After the positive response they received from that show, they decided to expand their exhibition. While at the Northport Tasting Room and Wine Cellar one evening with her husband, Ms. Lau said she mentioned the idea of the show to owner Matthew Spirn, and he quickly agreed to host the event.

Ezel achieves his more panoramic style in large part because of the type of camera he uses—a Widelux Camera—which he describes as very “old school, using a wide field lens,” and he uses only black and white film. Said Ezel about his photography, “I was always into panoramic photography, I’ve used it in my fashion work. It’s an interesting way to photograph Northport.” Ezel said that when he first came to Northport over 20 years ago, he took many photographs, but eventually lost interest. Then last year, he started “wandering around and looking at Northport and started taking pictures again.” He soon noticed how Northport hadn’t really changed all that much since he first saw it, and said at first it “frustrated me, but now I realize that it’s for the better.” He feels that the camera and technique he uses allows him to “capture the old world charm of Northport, with which I have fallen in love with.
By contrast, Ms. Lau sets out to capture the smallest seemingly most insignificant details in her photography around Northport. “I try to take pictures of things that tourists don’t see, like the farm [Lewis-Oliver Dairy Farm] and Richter’s Apple Orchard,” said Ms. Lau who often visits these places with her young children. Her photographs, which are in both color and black and white, feature striking close-ups of the animals at the farm and the “breath-taking landscapes and wonderful, locally grown apples and peaches” from Richter's Orchard. Other photographs by Ms. Lau include shots of sunsets and “foggy Sunday mornings” at Northport’s Harbor, along with unique photographs of streets and shots around town, including interior and exterior shots of Tim’s Shipwreck Diner.

“Ezel’s style is panoramic; he steps back and looks at the whole thing, while my style is close in, with details and tight shots,” said Ms. Lau. “We compliment each other in style and personality. We work so smoothly together.” For more information about the upcoming shows and to R.S.V.P. to the two special events call ChiroSpa at 631-262-6900 or email


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