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Below are some of my images captured around our unique town.

chicken in the window

Chicken in the Window, Lewis Oliver Farm, Northport, NY

Lobster Traps - Northport Harbor

Lobster Traps, Northport Harbor, Northport, NY
Northport Harbor
Foggy Morning, Northport Harbor, Northport, NY
Dingy on a foggy morning "Sea Pup" - a dingy in Northport Harbor on a foggy morning.
Dock at Northport A close up of a dingy tied to the Northport Harbor dock.
CrabMeadow Fun on the Life Guard's Chair at sunset at Crab Meadow Beach
The Life Guards Chair at sunset and Crab Meadow Beach. Cresent moon and the Eatons Neck Lighthouse in the distance.
A boy flying a Dragon Kite at sunset at Crab Meadow Beach.
Dingy in Harbor A dingy at sunset in Northport Harbor.
Buoy and Lobster Traps
Northport Winter Sunset Winter Sunset over Northport Harbor, Northport, NY

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