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"Island Passions" January 4th-April 4th, 2011 at The Art-trium Gallery

Arts Cultural News | Spring/Summer 2011

This exhibit gives the chosen artists an opportunity to use their deeply creative skills to address the concept of "Island" - be it a tropical paradise, a harsh city street, or our own Long Island. Through a variety of media, each artist instills their personal voices in their work and then shares those passions with us.

Photographer John Ellsworth invites us into his photos quietly. Often composed near water, many images contain windows or doors which act as protals to allow us to eavesdrop on his individuals or scenes. Often shot in black and white, they all draw us to his world near the sea.

Jennifer Lau's background in graphic design is obvious in her strong and bold compositions. Be the subject matter fruit and vegetables, old printer's type, or other, we are transformed and drawn in by her dynamic shapes. Deeply committed to Long Island, her work resonates and can be viewed throughout the eastern end of our Island.

Pamela Nolan's beautifully crafted paintings move us to quickly understand how island scenes inspire her. Her landscapes are carefully crafted to represent her sites and visions without ever cluttering the canvas. Pure and strong are words which convey her talents and her love of the land.

Bobby Schneider uses water as both her subject and medium in her work. Rich vibrant colors fill her paintings as they open for us visions of lakes and ponds. Her joy in painting is obvious as is her ability to make us feel the same for her work.

Each artist was generous and talented enough to bring the viewer into their islands of passion.


"West Indian Breeze" by John Ellsworth

"By the Sea" by Jennifer Lau

" October Moon" by Pamela Long Nolan

"The Trumpet Player" by Bobby Schneider


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